[ENG SUB] Running Man Ep 74

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6 responses to “[ENG SUB] Running Man Ep 74”

  1. RM_Monday Couple says:

    It’s pretty cool how Gary won both battles of Survival Series XD Gary Jjang!! It was sweet how he told his lollols to protect Jihyo since she lost her power and asked if she wanted to go with him to Europe lol XD

  2. Andrea says:

    AIGOO . MONDAY COUPLE. cutee <3

  3. Andrea says:

    cutest episode :3

  4. runningmanmongji_ says:

    so cute ! love this episodeee ! xD xD

  5. YJSgrasshopperr says:


  6. running man fan says:

    video not working pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase fix it TT

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